Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Ultrasound and 28 Week Check Update.

I wanted to post an update on the babies from the ultrasound and my 28 week check up. 

Right now both babies are doing fantastic so far. I had my ultrasound on June 5th, they are measuring around 2lbs 4oz and 2lbs 11oz. They were also breech (head up). At this time because I am 28 weeks now there is very little room for them to flip head down. This pretty much means that I will have to have a cesarean section, it really sucks to know that the chance of a vaginal birth has almost been taken away completely. Right now I am asking for as much prayer as possibly that Baby A will flip, even if it is painful. I am also looking into massages and stretches to help encourage the flip. 

My cervix is still long, although they did not give me a length. So we know these babies will be in here for a couple more weeks. My goal right now is to make it to 35 weeks and then deliver any time after that. 

If anyone has any suggestions to help Baby A to flip I would be very happy to hear any and all of them.

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