Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Pregnancy Update: Week 26

Wow it has been a while since I have posted anything. Here is a quick recap of my past couple weeks: I did have a scare on April 26th and ended up in Labor & Delivery to check to make sure everything was ok. I was spotting a little bit and having some cramps. Everything looked great and they sent me home telling me that I should be taking it easy and not to be lifting too much. On May 16th I slipped in the shower and had a tensor on my wrist but the babies are still doing good. Tonight I slipped on one of Miranda's toys. So needless to say I am having some balance issues. I did have to go and get a pregnancy tummy support belt because my pelvis area gets extremely sore if I am out and about walking around. I am using that if I do any cleaning around the house as well, but it is not comfortable while sitting. 

They are sitting in an odd position
My view from up top.

How far along: 26 Weeks
Size of babies: Eggplant
Total weight gain/loss:  -5 lbs. I am down still from my pre pregnancy weight
Gender: 2 Girls.
Maternity clothes: Completely in maternity clothes. Some of my maternity tops are not fitting as well as they should and my tummy is starting to poke out the bottom.
Stretch marks: No new stretch marks, but the old ones are starting to grow. Not bad though.
Belly Button: An innie, slowly getting shallow. I never did pop out with Miranda so I am hoping I do this time
Sleep: Usually I am sleeping by 3:00 am because the twins love to move at night. Ben has been absolutely wonderful getting Miranda up when he comes home from work and letting me sleep in till 10:30 am or later. I also take a nice long nap while Miranda is napping after lunch.
Symptoms: Way to much acid reflux and heartburn. Some pain in my stomach and in my pelvis.
What I miss: My energy! I am exhausted after bending and picking up toys, that is ridiculous! 
Cravings: Subs, pita's, or any type of veggie.  
Aversions: None thankfully.
Best Moment: Ben felt Baby B kick... finally. He felt Baby A kick a couple weeks ago. Also watching my belly jump with their kicks.
What I am looking forward to: Right now... not being pregnant. I am really excited to meet these two girls and see what they look like, their personalities and hearing their tiny cries.

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