Monday, 22 April 2013

Labor and Delivery...

October 18, 2011
We arrived at the hospital at 1:35am, and as soon as the security man saw us he showed us where to get registered. I signed all the papers and we were off to the maternity ward.
When we got to the maternity floor the put us in a room and checked me to make sure that my water broke and then hooked me up to a machine to check my contractions. After 20 min on the machine they checked everything, I was only 3cm dilated, and then off to the Labor and Delivery room I went. 
The nurse told me to walk a bit to progress my labor, and showed me a couple of different ways to labor. So after about half an hour I started to have really bad back labor. We then decided to try the walking thing. Down the hall we headed and we got to the elevators, I turned to Ben and said “I think I am going to puke”. We found a recycling bin and I braced myself over it. Nothing happened so I said I was fine and we headed back to the L&D room so I could lay back down. We took maybe 5 steps and up came my dinner, all over the floor and wall and Ben and my feet. Ben went to the Nurses Station and asked if there was a mop or anything he could clean up the mess. The nurses told us to just go back to the room and they would clean it up.
We get back to the room and again I threw up. Every time I moved I threw up. The contractions pain was so intense that was all I could do to stay sane. The nurses gave me two shots of Morphine and one shot of Gravol. It really didn't help. By 5:00am I was begging for an epidural. The nurses told me that I had to wait till 8:00 am at the earliest because that was when the Anesthesiologist would be at the hospital. Every time I had a contraction I would start to shake.
At 8:00am I finally got the epidural, I was still at 3cm dilated. Then they started pumping Oxytocin through IV. About 5 minutes into the epidural medication I felt nothing. I was so relieved. I could hardly feel the contractions. They had to replace the epidural medication twice before my angel arrived.
Ben called my parents and his mom around 8:30am and my parents came right away. My mother was in the room with us. We then made sure that the rest of our family was told right after. My younger sister and her bf came shortly after, and then the rest of the family came later in the evening when I was almost ready to deliver.
couldn't believe how slow my labor was progressing. At the nurses shift change, around 6:30pm, I was at 8 cm and the new nurse got me to start pushing. I was pushing for an hour and a half before my doctor came in the room at 8:00pm. I was so exhausted by this time.
My Dr. gave me some more freezing and then gave me an episiotomy. Ben said he couldn't believe how much blood I lost. Then at 8:56pm my little Miranda Grace was born.
For anyone calculating how many hours I was in labor from when my water broke… 21 hours. More than worth it!!

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