Saturday, 20 April 2013

Preparing for the Hospital...

(Continuation from last post) This post is very descriptive and is not for the easily grossed out. Read at your own discretion.
October 17, 2011When I got home from my parents I started to “nest”, which is cleaning up and getting ready for baby. I also was doing my thank you cards from the baby shower. I went to the bathroom, at 11: 50 pm, and noticed slime in the toilet (TMI), then realizing that I just lost part of my mucus plug. I immediately rushed to my computer to check how long it takes to go into labor once you lose your mucus plug. The site I was looking on someone had said they went into labor 2 weeks after they lost their mucus plug. I was devastated that it could still be another two weeks but very excited that my little angel was on her way.
About 5 min after my water broke… all over my couch. I ran to the bathroom because I thought I just lost control of my bladder. By the time I got to the bathroom my PJ’s were soaked and the hall had wet spots leading to the bathroom. I was so excited but didn't want to get up till Ben came home from work (He works till midnight). 
After my water broke I had the most painful contractions I could have imagined. They lasted about a min and were about 5 - 7 min apart. I started to pack my hospital bag and was freaking out because I was so excited. Ben calmed me down and let me know that it might be awhile till she came. So, we decided to play some Lego: Batman on the Xbox for a bit until I could not handle the contractions.
At around 1:30am I could not handle them any longer. So I had a shower, we finished packing the bag and off to the hospital we went.

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