Friday, 19 April 2013

The Road to Labor...

I will start by telling the story of the birth of my first daughter Miranda. This will be done in three parts.

***WARNING - To all expectant mothers, this was not the easiest L&D but worth every moment***

October 17, 2011
I woke up very impatient for Miranda’s arrival. For a couple weeks I had been in a lot of pain from Braxton Hicks and just the weight of her pushing down on my bladder and being so far out front. I was also concerned about Miranda coming on Halloween.
I couldn’t spend the day in our apartment, so I called my sister Candice to see if she wanted to do anything. Maybe walking would help get my darling daughter out. 
Candice picked me up and we went to the mall. While walking around I told her that I found online that pineapple would help start labor. On Friday Oct. 14th we had my Baby Shower and my parents had a lot of pineapple left over. So, we decided to go and raid my parents fridge and I would eat all of the pineapple.
After eating dinner at the mall we headed to my parents house. I started eating the pineapple and jokingly said “If I go into labor tonight I will laugh”. No one had ever heard of pineapple starting labor, so my family kept telling me that I was only making my mouth raw and nothing would come of it.

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